5 Ways to Ensure Truck Driver Safety While On the Road

Truck drivers have in-demand jobs that sometimes require them to drive many miles to deliver a parcel and to sometimes work many hours in a given week. These extra hours and miles add extra risk to everyone who is on the road. Luckily, truckers can stay safe when using the five tips below.

1- Truck Maintenance is Essential

wide load pilot car

Faulty trucks/parts on the truck cause many accidents on the roadways today. Schedule regular maintenance service to keep the truck in the best condition and to avoid accidents.

2- Get Plenty of Rest

Driving while sleepy or tired is very dangerous. No load is worth your life or an accident. Make sure you’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel of a big rig. If you cannot get the sleep that you need, a power nap, at the least, is recommended.

3- Use Pilot Cars

Use a wide load pilot car when oversized loads are being hauled from one location to another. These cars have drivers there to ensure the safety of the truck driver and other drivers and pedestrians who are out there. Costs of a pilot car vary, but it is a small price to pay for the added safety and security the driver receives.

4- Follow the Rules

There are laws in place for driving for a reason. Follow these rules to avoid enduring an accident or other problems on the road. Remember to slow down when adverse weather is in effect, no matter what the speed limits posted tell you.

5- Blind Spots

Every driver must worry about blind spots, but it is a little more critical for truck drivers who have larger blind spots where they simply cannot see any objects that are near them. Watch out for these blind spots to stay safe.

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