Winter Car Care Tips

Winter takes its toll on our bodies, minds, homes, and our vehicles, too. Luckily, we have ample opportunity to protect ourselves and things we most value from the cold, harsh winter temperatures. As a smart car owner, caring for your vehicle is important. What could be worse than waking up one morning to discover the car won’t crank because it has succumbed to the cold temperatures? It’s a reality so many face, but can potentially be avoided with proper care.

Change the Tires

Call a tire shop and get new tires for the vehicle that you drive. There is a big difference between summer tires and winter tires. If you’re not protected with all-season tires, it is time to upgrade so that you can safely drive on snow, sleet, rain, etc.

Check Tire Pressure

Speaking of tires, make sure that checking the tire pressure becomes a normal thing for you. It is important to check the tire pressure at least once per week and fill up the tires if they’re low. Low tire pressure increases the risk of an accident and makes stopping the car more difficult.

Call for Repairs

If your vehicle sustains hail damage or other damage due to weather or an auto accident, hire a great body shop arnold mo to make repairs. Allowing damage to persist only causes it to worsen and it can cause your vehicle to malfunction. It’s better to make repairs now than to suffer later.

Check the Fluids

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Antifreeze is your friend when cold weather rolls around. Without it, your car can freeze and that cases trouble that you do not want to experience. Check the antifreeze as well as the other liquids underneath the hood, including the oil and transmission fluid, and adjust the levels of any that are low.

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